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Features & Reviews & Recommendations for Overseas Web Hosting Companies
Than in the past became known many international web hosting provider local web hosting company rather than getting more and more people prefer to overseas web hosting companies. If you have been using web hosting service for a long time, you can see the difference between overseas web hosting service and domestic web hosting service, but it is easy for people who want to start homepage creation to know what is the advantage and what is the disadvantage It can be difficult to do. More should choose a web hosting company for the purpose of more efficient home compared with domestic web hosting company because it can create , it is important to know the characteristics of overseas web hosting companies will.

Affordable price
– The part that compared with domestic web hosting companies can be called the biggest advantage of price competitiveness is.

Unlimited traffic
– If you can easily explain the traffic, you can say the data of the mobile phone. International web hosting company is no additional charge unlimited traffic offer , you can use the service without having to worry about because.

Unlimited number of emails

РMost foreign affordable web hosting companies can create an unlimited number of email accounts using site names. The site for customers to use e-mail account name into confidence can give, and do not send mail to this problem frequently run the site.


Unlimited server capacity
– The unlimited capacity of the server can be used to upload your video, or you can place an unlimited number of photos.
Unlimited number of domains
– Because you can create unlimited sub domains, manage multiple sites with one service can be.

Powered by cpanel
– Difficult terms or server system, such as a screen menu when cpanel because the function is provided that allows the computer without the knowledge of the self-managed website without great difficulty.
Disadvantages of Overseas Web Hosting Companies
Language problem
– An international affordable web hosting company saw there might be a problem in the language aspect. Some companies offer Korean language services, but there are many more that are not.

Site Speed
Many affordable web hosting companies in the SSD Web hosting began a service matter in any place, regardless of the server location, but the ad could receive a similar rate, yet the web of domestic visitors to the main target sites in terms of speed domestic Web hosting companies have more advantage you to find.

What is a web hosting service?

Building equipment leasing some space on the server of a Web server is equipped to give it, and virtual services to manage the server.

In order to operate the homepage, the following requirements must be fulfilled.
The homepage to be operated must be produced.

* Or Dreamweaver, etc. Guests Mona manufactured in-house using a web editor program, it specializes in the design
* commissioned to create your website.

You must have an address-domain for the homepage you want to run.

* A domain is the address you register the unregistered status of a domain addresses that can connect to the home page.
* (For example –

Requires a web server space to raise a home-made materials.

* Dusimyeon homepage data been produced to save your PC only, via the Internet from an external PC
* Your God can not be connected to your production website. Surely that is equipped with several built equipment
– materials get on the web server Must be.
Web hosting service is a service related to the above web server space.

To operate the web server space on its own, you need your own server, leased line, network equipment, and various programs.
In addition, building your own server takes time, manpower, and other investments.

This due to a number of requirements to build the Web server and operating difficult for individual and corporate targets to build server equipment leasing and managing certain area of the state of the Web server is equipped to have a virtual service Web hosting service is called.
It is a service that is essential for accessing your homepage on the Internet.

Blue Web’s web hosting service is a high performance server dedicated to Web hosting directly connected to Hanaro Telecom’s high-speed Internet backbone. By securing the necessary storage space for building a customer’s homepage and providing engine system resources, As shown in Fig.

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