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Anonymity and domain names

When we look more closely at the sites and their directors the anonymity of the domain name is a big question , how can the domain regulated if used for illegal activities? The domain name is a big risk for administrators, it sticks to their skin and is especially visible. The traces it leaves have caused the loss of several directors. However admins have found parades to increase the anonymity of their domain names. Investigation.

Personal information and Whois

When you buy a domain name with your registar (company registration of domain names) you transmit personal information (number, name, address) to the company that manages the domain name (eg ICANN). This information will be accessible to all, by making a simple WhoIs (ie search the public database made available by the registar). Nothing too serious for a lambda administrator, if not spam, but for the owner of a download site that is much more serious. It is by this means that basic owners Wawa-mania and Forum-DDL were arrested, they had at the time returned their real information.

It is possible to his registar to take a private whois option for hiding information and see instead of anonymous information. By taking this option often a value of $ 2 per month (or free) you can hide your details to the curious . Perfect to avoid spam or bad language, but as part of an illegal site this private WhoIs n e will not last long against a court injunction .

On this basis, the directors of are facing a dilemma. They often choose not to put any true personal information , not to risk that is revealed in the investigation. However, this solution is far from safe, as the registar regularly check the information of domain names. If administrators are not able to provide proof of their identity (telephone number, CI scan, ..) they simply could lose their domain name, with dramatic consequences for their services (SEO, loss direct access, ..).

It therefore appears that the administrators do not use conventional domain names recorders , no OVH or Online for them. The search for a registar offshore , such as an offshore host , is a national sport thirsty anonymity admins

The registars and payment of the names of anonymous areas.

To minimize the risk site administrators will turn to some collaborative registars . Certainly in fact, if judicial decisions, it is almost impossible for a registar refuses to communicate the information . However some will be more zealous than others, instead of waiting for a decision they can transmit its information see simple complaint request. Thus some registars offshore have carved a reputation among pirates as internetbs or namecheap .

Registering a domain name with the anonymous whois

When you create a website, you must know that the domain name is visible information which in addition can be trackée. It is recommended to think well to personal information you provide when registering a domain name.

When you create a website, you must know that the domain name is visible information which in addition can be trackée. It is recommended to think well to personal information you provide when registering a domain name.

How anonymous Whois option?

You can add this option directly from your account LWS Price 4.99 € HT / year or directly upon registration of your domain name by choosing the business offer. A When enabled your data is hidden within 24 hours and you ensures total confidentiality in all directories.

Why hide their contact information?

The anonymous deposit allows you to firstly protect against spamming and also to circumvent competitive intelligence that can be implemented in your company. Indeed this competitive intelligence on domain names allows several things:

  1. Being informed of the various projects of your competitors
  2. Know the name of the new services offered
  3. Whether your competitors register generic names for your business
  4. Monitor if your competitors resell domain names.

How do I enable Whois anonymous on my domain name?

To enable anonymous Whois option from your account LWS, follow these steps:

1. Sign in to your account LWS Panel and click “Domain & Hosting»

2. Choose your domain name and click on “Admin”

3. Click “Domain Management”

4 . Click “anonymous Whois”

5. Click “Enable anonymous Whois option” and then proceed to payment of the quote

6 . Once payment is confirmed back in “area management” then “anonymous Whois” and click “Enable”

A When enabled your data will be anonymised in a time of 24h.

Namely : upon registration of your domain name to LWS the anonymization service that lets you hide some of your information is included !

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