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Web hosting is the service of providing and managing customer’s mail and data space of the homepage. Spec Web hosting provides two services: share server hosting, which allows multiple users to share servers, and original server hosting, which occupies one server for one user. The server is always connected to the Internet, has an IP address and domain name, and necessary server software is running. It takes a huge cost and time to manage them yourself, but if you are spec web hosting, we will provide you with the services you need at a fixed monthly fee.

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Australian web hosting company top – market share 2017

Below are hosting companies with many users in Australia.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 8.53%      ~~ Rank: 8.8
2 Netregistry 7.00%      ~~ Rank: 2.9
3 Uber Global 5.44%      ~~ Rank: 3.7
Four Digital Pacific 3.69%      ~~ Rank:  7.8
Five Crucial 2.82%      ~~ Rank:  7.6
6 Web24 2.23%      ~~ Rank:  7.3
7 Servers Australia 2.01%      ~~ Rank:  5.8
8 Micron 21 1.52%      ~~ Rank:  9.2
9 Rackspace 1.46%      ~~ Rank:  6.6
Ten Panthur 0.86%      ~~ Rank:  9.8

Hosting company market share by country

Click on a country, you can see the market share of that country.

Australian hosting (rental server) circumstances

Today, my husband asked me about the cost of my business website.
In Australia, how long it takes money to take a domain!
Is there a price between AU $ 40 and 60?

But one thing, I am relieved to find a supplier who has a domain acquisition service at a price comparable to Australian.

It is but ~, (I wonder if it is said that rental server fee in Australian) hosting fee,
I wonder where that almost has to offer to take in every domain? I understood that.
I tried to look at various sites with my English skill, but in my understanding it is such a feeling.
Even the above-mentioned vendors offering cheap domains like Australian, hosting was not cheap if it costs only that much for each domain. … is high.

Doctor, Web cost, it should be high !!

My husband is dealing with merchandise in various fields and because I bought a small business about two years ago, there are 13 domains for some reason.

In Australian, quite a lot of rental server companies, even domains are OK! To say us, but in order, even if you have a number of domains, but does not swell the server bill,
here, and take the domain, server generation will continue to become high in proportion.
By the way, the merchant that my husband uses is a single domain, taking AU $ 210 for half a year (6 months).

At first, my husband, it is absolutely ugly! But I thought with,
and we examine, everywhere hosting fee, seems to have become a per domain, as within Australia, has led to the conclusion that I wonder if not even so ….

Among them, I am moving to a Australian rental server company ❤


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