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The specializes in ASP.NET web hosting

Best ASP.Net Hosting runs on Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit with IIS 7.5 Webserver in isolated pools for each site. Which means that each site has resources allocated exclusively to it and that your site will never be harmed by another site hosted on the same server.

Through our control panel you can choose the version of ASP.NET and create applications as your site needs.

What is ASP.NET?
The ASP.NET is a platform for developing Web applications built on the .NET Framework, enable developers to create applications in multiple languages, such as C # and Visual Basic .NET.

Model-view-controller (MVC) is a software architecture standard whose purpose is to maintain the separation between the data and the layout, where it is possible to change one layer without affecting the other.

The ASP.NET AJAX is a framework for creating interactive web applications, offering various components such as Calendar, ComboBox, Slider and jQuery library.


There is a relatively common error when we talk about hosting Windows websites. The fact that we use the Windows operating system on our computer, be it a desktop or a notebook, does not affect the choice of the operating system on the server that will host the site.
The factors that lead to the need for a hosting plan for Windows sites are, for example, the use of platforms such as SQL Server, MS SQL, ASP and ASP.NET to develop the site.

If you use PHP, MySQL, Perl, Python or CGI the ideal operating system is Linux.

Because Windows is a proprietary Microsoft code, your site hosting plans tend to be more expensive than Linux-based plans in the same hosting company, although this is changing.

Below are the top 15 ASP and ASP.NET hosting plans in 4 tables with initial, intermediate, advanced and business plans (with private SSL).

The price is the best price you can get if you pay the number of months indicated next door in advance.

The price of Brazilian companies were converted to the dollar with a price of R $ 4.00.


Provider Plan Months Price Total SSD Space Transfer. Sites DG * Emails Notice
GoDaddy Initial 12 $ 7.99 R $ 95,88 No 30GB Ilimit. 1 No Yes 98.33
GoDaddy Economy 12 $ 7.99 R $ 191.88 No 100GB Ilimit. 1 Yes Yes 98.33
GoDaddy Deluxe 12 R $ 18.99 R $ 227.88 No Ilimit. Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes Yes 98.33
GoDaddy Ultimate 12 R $ 41,99 R $ 503.88 No Ilimit. Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes Yes 98.33
Locaweb I 12 R $ 14,90 R $ 178.80 No Ilimit. Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes 25x10GB 97.67
Locaweb II 12 R $ 19,90 R $ 238.80 No Ilimit. Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes 50x10GB 97.67
Locaweb III 12 R $ 34,90 R $ 418.80 No Ilimit. Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes 150x10GB 97.67
UOL Host 256MB 12 R $ 17,90 R $ 214.80 Yes 10GB Ilimit. 2 Yes 30x12GB 96.05
UOL Host 512MB 12 R $ 27,90 R $ 334.80 Yes 20GB Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes 60x12GB 96.05
UOL Host 768MB 12 R $ 54.90 R $ 658.80 Yes 30GB Ilimit. Ilimit. Yes 160x12GB 96.05


As old as the internet, GoDaddy is the world leader in domain registration snapping up more than 60 million domains registered worldwide. It also has 13 million customers and over 4,000 employees. It is known for offering the best prices for domains when used coupons GoDaddy and offer a wide range of essential features for your domain and website. Already a few years ago, started strongly selling hosting plans, which is a great choice for anyone who wants to buy a combo + domain hosting, as it offers free domain registration in the first year and is on our list of one of the most paid providers from the market.


The Locaweb is the company with a large presence in Latin America quande it comes to hosting sites and infrastructure. Works since 1997 with 15,000 developers offering SaaS (software), PaaS (platform) and IaaS (infrastructure) as services.


The HOST UOL is a Brazilian Internet giant that has thousands of corporate customers and more than 200,000 corporate clients not hosting. Its datacenters, one of the most modern in Brazil, are located 3 in São Paulo, 1 in Porto Alegre and 1 in Houston, perfect for a global presence with your site.

Free ASP.NET Hosting

Free hosting with ASP.NET support is hosting that offers the .NET platform from Microsoft for free. ASP.NET is seen by many as the competitor of PHP, however, due to its limitations to the Windows platform, free hosting ASP.NET is harder to find than those that offer PHP. ASP.NET hosting is usually paid due to the reasons already mentioned, but the list below are all hosting that offer free ASP.NET.


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