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We talked about the best web hosting companies, but if you have a great idea for a website, you will need a domain name to go with it. So, the choice which domain registration when it came time to register the domain name? Prices, features, who have chosen the best combination of reliability and customer service? We asked you what you thought was the best of the domain names and registrars are on top of others, and now we will see the top five.

Earlier this week, we asked you what is the best domain name registrar you thought it was, especially after the day breakdown GoDaddy earlier this week. You’ve answered dozens of candidates, but only if we have a place for the top five.

The investigation was closed and the votes were counted! This domain name is read to see winnings that have been selected as the best in the file and discuss follow up mail, use the Beehive Five!


In hoverer market prices may not be cheaper registration but compensates with much on web reduction codes, star customer support when you support them; When reading a real person reply and close manually move the domain name from other computers. If you happen to hover, they tell you they will do the whole process for you, and when everything is done as a “valet” service they offer. Their control panel and management tools have received praise for their own and easy to use. You can find all the plans and hover prices here.


Namecheap took the last time we asked, and with good reason. Among the most appropriate in this business name involves, but cheap the only thing that domain names for: Namecheap customer support related to star, URL redirection and offers free services such as email , And if you pay more dynamic money their prices defy any competition from DNS and SSL certificates you get these advanced services. Namecheap can see here all features and pricing plans can be found here.


Gandi, perhaps the longest five people here who are registering domain names and the famous domain name for its sensible approach to registration and renewal. With customers to say they continue to do so and what you say you are not selling a lot of the services you need or if you want to be honest with you, commit to being open and foremost. This reputation and history have been a huge success. 2 page hosted free for your site for each domain name registration, free GandiBlog, free SSL certificates 1 year, courier services and the fact that more and more actually. Gandi is where you can find all the features and prices.


Dreamhost, narrow was your choice for the best hosting company, but many of you also pointed out that large domain name registrars (which most of the hosting plan helps you to provide a free registration). Those who choose Dreamhost hosting and save your transactions in one place to do so is the helpful and prompt customer service and praise Dreamhost comprehensive dashboard and management tools. You can find more information here on the Dreamhost wiki page located here and in the domain name registration services. not the cheapest, but aggressive price plans, ANSD with fast and personable customer support. I also relevant for your business or your website to avoid invalid domains can be “Domain Nabb” offers the services; Therefore, if you want to be with you .net .com, it will give you the opportunity before installing. Someone else. Also, depending on whether you remove the one you want, the area also offers suggestions when you register. You can find more information about prices and existing TLDs here.
This week, venerable bets, especially if you also want to host your domain name with them, great prices, you receive praise for excellent customer support and easy 1 & 1 Internet registration goes. The first and primary sorting Did you miss the first and last, which emphasizes the importance of identifying your favorite candidate and so participate!

Do you have anything to say about one of the candidates? The case, although not included in the list you want to make for your favorite? Remember, the top five, based on the most popular candidate since the beginning of the week for participants. Make your case to your favorites or in the next discussion.

Fifth generation is based on reader nominations. If, as in most of the five Hive posts, if the relatives left, not because we do not want, because the first competitor to enter the five appointments could not get required during the calls. We are aware that this is a popularity contest, but if your favorite is that we want to hear. Do you have a suggestion for the Five Hive? Send us an e-mail:

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