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Cheap domain names “and almost 4 million (4 million) results.It’s a bit hard to sort out that many domain registrations, is not it?

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Although cheaper domain names are looking for registrants, they may sometimes be more advantageous; And many reputable hosting companies will offer you cheap, even free domain names when you will host your website with them (again you need to be on your website).

Here is the list of the most sincere places that you can get, and you can get a domain name and / or hosting account, said the most reliable.

It is the time and misuse of searching for these 4 million result pages and using approved proposals from a trusted source. Most of these offer opportunities and Web hosting. The price is an address for the “.com” standard.

Bonus: Bluehost offers free domain name with hosting account for our # 1 recommended web host (see below) for the first year. If you need to start a new website and need a hosting account, you can not go wrong with this option. Here you can see all of my comments on BlueHost web hosting.

If you do not include your domain name with the hosting plan, you will need a separate business and separate hosting account. Check out our top 5 cheap web hotels here.

BlueHost 1

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As mentioned above, BlueHost is the perfect host budget for those who are creating a new site or blog, and they offer a free domain for the first year they enter into getting a hosting account.

BlueHost also supports free hosting for WordPress, which is important for many people who choose to create their own websites using the self-contained WordPress solution.

Annual fee: buy a hosting package at entry level ($ 6.95 per month) free of charge.
Hosting Offers: Yes
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a
Visit Webhost where Bluehost is focused on hosting.


Namecheap Web Hosting Review
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If you want to buy a Namecheap domain name and host your website somewhere else, a domain name is one of the places I like to register. Namecheap also offers its own plans for hosting the account.

Namecheap is appreciated and respected for those in the online marketing community. Despite many, one wants to buy their suppliers with a landlord and another landlord; You can not go wrong by getting your domain name and hosting it with namecheap.

One of the things that is very common to many online marketers is to buy and then to buy their names Namecheap domain names from BlueHost.

Annual fee: $ 10.69
Private registration: $ 2.88 per year
Hosting Offers: Yes
Available Offers: Free registration for the first year with new registration.
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a
Full site hosting accommodation here.

3 GoDaddy

GoDaddy Domain Name
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With a huge advertising budget and national advertising (including Super Bowl), GoDaddy has no doubt heard. Though their prices are competitive, they will face a lot more options for sales and add-ons that are slightly more complex than other options.

If you decide to take the domain name with GoDaddy, you just have to stick to the regular purchase of the area and skip all the extras; Who can accumulate and make purchases of expensive domain name.

Annual fee: $ 8.99 for the first year. $ 14.99 more each year.
Private registration: $ 8.99 per year
Hosting Offers: Yes
Current Jobs: Always
(Multiple or multiple domain names) Discounts: Save up to 6 lines or more and pay only $ 9.99 per domain and receive free private registration.
Check out our full review of GoDaddy Hosting here.


Domain HostGator
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HostGator is one of the most popular web hosting newcomers to online marketing. We do not offer free effects and although their fields are higher than other options; For budgets, their friendly hosting plans are a perfect stop to record all-in-one domain names and hosting accounts.

If you choose to host from HostGator My personal recommendation will be to get the domain name elsewhere.

Annual fee: $ 15.00
Special enrollment: $ 10.00
Hosting Offers: Yes
Available Offers: none of the fields
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a
Here you can contact Hostgator hosting accommodation for our full hosting.


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An aggressive national advertising campaign due to another well-known company is 1 & 1, which is actually commercial public brick and mortar, with 1 and 1 being suitable for all types of activity.

Annual fee: $ 0.99 for the first year ($ 14.99 for each additional year)
Private check: included
Hosting Offers: Yes
Current Jobs Usually
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a

6 network solutions

While they are not known as a good brand, Network Solutions became one of the first domain name recording companies. Network Solutions is a well established company and can not go wrong by buying a domain name with them.

Annual fee: $ 34.99
Hosting Offers: Yes
Available Offers: Free for one year by purchasing a hosting package.
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a

7 takes a very unusual process when ordering a domain name. These do not require potential customers to register with a username and password before they see the domain name prices advertised and even information on prices.

Annual fee: unpublished information
Private check: not rated
Hosting Offers: Yes
Current Jobs Usually
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a

8, first marketed as a hosting company, has been operating for 17 years and has hosted the website of such important customers as Samsung, Wix and Fox News.

Annual fee: $ 9.95 (first year) and $ 9.95 (renewable)
Private registration: $ 9.95 per year
Hosting Offers: Yes
Current tender:
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a


Initially it became a full-service company that offers simple domain names recorder, domain registration, hosting services and email services.

Annual fee: $ 11.99
Special enrollment: $ 4.00
Hosting Offers: Yes
Current tender:
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a


Founded in 1998, Netfirms hosting and all-in-one messaging are domain providers. Netfirms offers deals, promotions and very dynamic discounts for new customers in a solution area and on the market for hosting.

Annual fee: $ 9.95 for the first year. The renewal fee is $ 11.99 per year.
Private check: included
Hosting Offers: Yes
Available Offers: Yes
Discounts (multiple or multiple fields): n / a
Note: Business / Hosting specialist Brian T. Edmondson Publisher

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